"I have been very pleased to present two films by Jess Thomas at the Rome International Film Festival in Rome, Georgia. His sense of story, his cinematic technical expertise, and his gift for great cinematic imagery make him a filmmaker of choice. I believe this talented gentleman will have a long and fruitful life in the film industry, and I eagerly endorse this terrific artist."


- Harry Musslewhite - Senior Lecturer in Music at Berry College



"Jess was an addition to our team that I never thought I needed, but without which the entire project would have fallen apart. I am forever grateful to Jess for his expertise, hard work and dedication, his thick skin, and his ability to find opportunity in every challenge presented to him. I've learned more from him during our shoot then I thought possible and I can't recommend him more for your project."


- Srdjan Stakic - Producer at Independent Film Production


"Jess has a combination of skill dedication and drive. He also has the ability to Run a complicated project and get it done right. I have been in the trenches with Jess, both in production and integration and have never seen a more talented, hard working, intelligent person take so much care to go the extra mile or help a friend. He is the rare person that you can trust to do the right thing. Imagine this- he gives a damn and is a true artist." 
- John Dudley - Owner at Outer Limits A/V



"Jess, I just watched the whole thing.  I am crying, happy crying.  You created something beyond price, that will give all of us joy as long as we live.   We are so fortunate that you could give this to us.  You understood what happened, the people, the beauty, the banality, the charm, and the cheese.   I don't think the wedding scene in the deer hunter was any better or more truthfull.  Yes, more dramatic, but it was a movie, wasn't it?  You had to work with reality- much more difficult.  If I had ten thousand and that's what this cost it would have been worth every penny.     Thank you."

- Mark Bunter


"We LOVED the dvd and thought that you did such a great job.  You captured everything that we wanted on there and the whole thing flowed so smoothly.  I particularly liked all of the music on there- you put the perfect songs in the perfect places!  Thank you so much for everything- the DVD is amazing!"

- Meg Jones


 "I would recommend Jess to everyone!  They pick up and deliver to your home! They work closely with you to ensure your DVDs are exactly what you want with titles, chapters and even still shots of your subject on the packaging. Quality is superb! Thanks again Jess.......I will definitely pass the word."

- Casey Bedi


"We made no better investment this year than in preserving the treasured memories found on our 63 reels of mid-60s family films.  Thank you, Jess, for taking such personal care of us and, more importantly, our irreplaceable Super 8 film.  I was mesmerized watching Dennis as he viewed the DVD.  The moment was priceless -- I haven't seen a bigger smile on his face in a long time!  We can't wait to share your quality work with his parents."                                                                                                                                                                                                


- Mary & Dennis Kopp   



"The Sargent Family is looking forward to viewing all of the years. I am so happy to have these memories/videos saved and so neatly organized.  I won't hesitate to call if I have any questions. Thank You so much for getting it all done. "
- Mike Sargent