JESS THOMAS - Writer/Director/Producer

Jess studied Theater/Film at San Francisco State University. In his early filmmaking career he Wrote/Directed: Documentaries; Grapevine, California's Napa Valley Uncorked. Short films; Probe 1, For The Money, James Bland - You Only Live Until You Die.

Jess also has worked as an Actor occationally and had a small role as a detective in L. A. Confidential. Additionally, he has written 7 screenplays and worked in the world of broadcast engineering for numerous entities including ABC, FOX, and USA Networks.

In 2000 on the forefront of the newly available digital video he wrote, directed and edited a micro-budget digital feature length B-Movie entitled “CHECKING THE GATE” which was picked up for distribution by Echelon Entertainment and has sold in the US, UK, Italy, China, Thailand, and more. Shortly after Jess Had a change of heart and decided he could no longer do films that contained sex and violence.

In 2007 he co-wrote, directed and edited the short film "FOREVER" which premiered at "DANCES WITH FILMS FILM FESTIVAL".

“THE SEEKER” A human-interest storty, was his first Feature length documentary. It won BEST AMERICAN DOCUMENTARY at THE ROME INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL as well as several other awards. It was picked up by Passion River Films and is available at Netflix, Blockbuster online, Amazon, Barns & Noble and many more. 

His second feature documentary "BEIJING GIRL: MADE IN CHINA" was an OFFICIAL SELECTION OF THE SANTA FE FILM FESTIVAL and was picked up for exclusive distribution by Chip Taylor Communications. 

2010s “Jed” is his third documentary. In 2014 Screenwriter Peter Doyle and he completed a  dramatic feature screenplay based on it and are taking meetings with all interested parties.


 HIs most current film project also currently in Development is "God & Salsa" which is Faith-Based story about a grief-scticken therapist who is determined to help a suicidal teen and regains her own purpose to live in the process.